Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Our father Abraham stood outside the door of his tent in the hot desert sun to invite all who passed by into his tent so he could provide them with a meal and other forms of hospitality.  We at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center try to emulate Abraham.  A synagogue is defined by its members.  MBJC is more than a beautiful building with activities that go on every day and night of the year.  We are people that come from Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay.  Our doors are open to everyone, and no matter what your background, you will find a home in “your” synagogue.  We believe that everyone can find at least one and in most cases several of our programs that would merit their involvement.  Our Rabbi Yehoshua Zelikovitz and our Outreach Director Rabbi Tamir Zaltsman are here to serve you, provide spiritual guidance and recommend activities that should be of interest to you.  Appointments may be made to personally meet with them.  No matter what level of Jewish knowledge you may have, you will be made to feel comfortable at MBJC , be received graciously by our members and hopefully you will consider MBJC worthy to become your spiritual home.